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Factory price and original Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer VRL VRG VRGF VRSF-15G-3500

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Factory price and original Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer VRL VRG VRGF VRSF-15G-3500

Brand Name : Shimpo-nidec

Model Number : Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer

Certification : CCC

Place of Origin : Japan

MOQ : 1pc

Price : 1000per unite

Payment Terms : Western Union, T/T

Supply Ability : 1000per month

Packaging Details : Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer box

Name : Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer

Model1 : Shimpo-nidecVRL VRS VRG VRSF

model2 : Shimpo-nidec VRHF VRSFS VRSF-A NEV

model3 : Shimpo-nidec EVRG ER

material : steel

warranty : 12months

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Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer VRL VRG VRGF


1,Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer data sheet

2,Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer models


VRS-060-5 VRS-075-7 VRS-100-7 VRS-140-7 VRS-180-10 VRS-060-5 VRS-075-7 VRS-100-7 VVRS-060-5
VRS-075- VRS-100-16 VRS-140-7 VRS-180-28 vRS-140-35 VRS-180-100 VRS-060-70
VRS-075-50 VRS-100-40
RS-140-35 VRS-180-28 VRS-060-5 VRS-075-5 VRS-100-3 V RS-140-716 VRS-180-25
VRSF-3B-50 VRSF-5B-50 VRSF-S9B-50 VRSF-15B-50 VRSF-20B-50 VRSF-25B-50 VRSF-35B-50 VRSF-45C-50
VRSF-81C-50 VRSF-3B-100 VRSF-5B-100 VRSF-S9B-100 VRSF-15B-100 VRSF-20B-100 VRSF-25B-100
VRSF-35C-100 VRSF-45C-100 VRSF-81D-100 VRSF-3B-200 VRSF-5B-200
VRSF-S9C-200 VRSF-15C-200 VRSF-20C-200 VRSF-25C-200
VRSF-35C-200 VRSF-45D-200 VRSF-81E-200 VRSF-3B-400 VRSF-5C-400
VRSF-S9C-400 VRSF-15C-400 VRSF-20C-400 VRSF-25C-400
VRSF-35D-400 VRSF-45E-400 VRSF-3D-500 VRSF-5D-500 1/9 VRSF-S9D-500 VRSF-15D-500 VRSF-20D-500
VRSF-25D-500 VRSF-35E-500 VRSF-45E-500VRSF-3D-750 VRSF-5C-750 VRSF-S9D-750 VRSF-15D-750
VRSF-20D-750 VRSF-25D-750 VRSF-35E-750 VRSF-45E-750 VRSF-5F-4500~5000 VRSF-S9E-1000~1500
VRSF-S9E-2000~3000 VRSF-S9F-3500~5000
VRSF-15E-1000~2000 VRSF-15F-2500~3000
VRSF-15G-3500~5000 VRSF-25E-1000
VRSF-25F-1500~2200 VRSF-25G-2500~3000
VRSF-25G-3080~5000VRSF-5D-1000-T54 VRSR-LB-S9C-400-T3 VRSF-PB-15B-100-T1 VRSF-S9E-1500-T54
VRHF-PB-25F-850 VRHF-PB-16F-1300 VRHF-PB-25F-1300 VRHF-PB-S9F-1800 VRHF-PB-16F-1800
VRHF-PB-4F-2900 VRHF-PB-5F-2900 VRHF-PB-4F-4400 VRHF-PB-5F-4400 VRHF-PB-4F-5500 VRHF-PB-25F-850 VRHF-PB-25F-600

VRHF-PB-S9F-900 VRHF-PB-16F-900 VRHF-PB-25F-900 VRHF-PB-16F-1200 VRHF-PB-S9F-1200
VRHF-PB-4F-2000 VRHF-PB-5F-2000 VRHF-PB-4F-3000 VRHF-PB-4F-3000 VRHF-PB-4F-4000 VRHF-PB-5F-4000 VRHF-PB-4F-5500 VRHF-PB-25F-1000 VRHF-PB-25F-1500 VRHF-PB-16F-2000 VRHF-PB-4F-(3500 ,5000,7000)

NEVSC-3B-100 NEVSC-3B-200 NEVSC-3B-400 NEVSC-5B-100
NEVSC-5B-200 NEVSC-9B-100 NEVSC-15B-100 NEVSC-3C-750
NEVSC-5C-400 NEVSC-9C-200 NEVSC-15C-200 NEVSC-5D-750 NEVSC-9D-400 NEVSC-9D-750 NEVSC-15D-400

NEVSH-3B-100 NEVSH-3B-200 NEVSH-3B-400 NEVSH-5B-100
NEVSH-5B-200 NEVSH-9B-100 NEVSH-15B-100 NEVSH-3C-750
NEVSH-5C-400 NEVSH-9C-200 NEVSH-15C-200 NEVSH-5D-750
NEVSH-9D-400 NEVSH-9D-750 NEVSH-15D-400 NEVSH-15E-750
VRGF-10B60-50 VRGF-21B60-100
VRGF-5B60-200 VRGF-5B60-400 VRGF-9B60-50 VRGF-9B60-100
VRGF-9B60-200 VRGF-9B60-400 VRGF-5C90-400 VRGF-5C90-750
VRGF-5C90-1500 VRGF-5D120-1000 VRGF-5D120-1500
VRGF-5D120-2000 VRGF-5D120-3000 VRGF-5E170-3000
VRGF-4E170-3500 VRGF-9E170-4000 VRGF-10E170-5000 VRGF-21C90-4OO

VRGS-5B60P-50 VRGS-5B60P-100
VRGS-5B60P-200 VRGS-5B60P-400 VRGS9-B60P-50 VRGS-9B60P-100
VRGS-4B60P-200 VRGS-9B60P-400 VRGS-5C90-400 VRGS-5C90-750
VRGS-5C90-1500 VRGS-25D120-1000 VRGS-40D120-1500
VRGS-70D120-400 VRGS-10D120-4000 VRGS-15E170-3000
VRGS-81E170-400 VRGS-100E170-750 VRGS-5E170-5000 VRGS-21C90-4OO


VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1 VRSFS-40C-750-SD-T1 VRSFS-40D-1000-SD-T1

Quality Factory price and original Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer VRL VRG VRGF VRSF-15G-3500 for sale

Factory price and original Shimpo-nidec Gear Reducer VRL VRG VRGF VRSF-15G-3500 Images

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