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Original ABB smart Valve positioner TZID/TZID-C ABBV18345

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Original ABB smart Valve positioner TZID/TZID-C ABBV18345

Brand Name : ABB

Model Number : ABB TZID/TZID-C

Certification : Ccc

Place of Origin : switzerland


Price : 10-1000USD

Packaging Details : ABB BOX

Name : ABB smart Valve positione

Conditions : new and original

Protection level : IP65


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Original ABB smart Valve positioner TZID/TZID-C ABBV18345

1 Brief Introduce


With the introduction of ABB intelligent valve positioner, advanced tools have been adopted for the digital communication of field actuators and the integrated management of the whole plant.

TZID/TZID-C breaks through the traditional concept of locator, uses TEIP11 as the core component, combines microprocessing technology, and has built-in communication function. through

Over-installation, suitable for the control of rotary and straight-stroke valves, high positioning accuracy, wide range of travel: straight stroke: 20-150 mm, rotary type: up to:

125 degrees. Gas capacity (> 13.5 kg/h) and gas consumption (< 0.03 kg/h) are adjusted by automatic zero point/range to simplify debugging. Using sensors

Technology of temperature and position compensation, with vibration resistance up to 10g, 10 ~ 150Hz; temperature range - 40 ~+85 degree C outstanding features. adopt

HART or Profibus/FF communication interface, establish real-time contact with the control room, can adjust parameters, state monitoring. Free configuration

The output characteristics of the ball valve/disc valve can be improved to the greatest extent by using cheap ball valve/disc valve+intelligent valve positioner at the same time.

Characteristic of turn-off valve and control valve.

2 Models and date photo

Common product models are:

ABB (TZIDC-200) Flameproof Intelligent Electrical Valve Positioner (TZIDC-200) Series


ABB Valve Positioner (TZID-C200) V18348-10111310110,

ABB Valve Positioner (TZID-C200) V18348-10111300110, (TZID-C200) V18348-10113310110, (TZID-C200) V18348-10113310110, (TZID-C200)

) V18348-10113300110, (TZID-C200) V18348-10114310110, (TZID-C200) V18348-10114300110.

Key words: ABB positioner, ABB flameproof valve positioner, ABB valve positioner, ABB intelligent positioner, ABB pneumatic positioner, ABB

Pneumatic valve positioner, ABB pneumatic actuator, ABB intelligent valve positioner, ABB Valve Intelligent positioner, TZIDC positioner, V18348

Locator, (TZID-C) V18348 Series Locator, ABB Locator Agent, ABB Locator Spot

V18345-1010121001 single-acting, fault-safe, two-wire system with 4-20mA feedback and 1/2-14NPT connection

V18345-1010221001 single-acting, fault block (triple-break protection), two-wire system with 4-20mA feedback and 1/2-14NPT connection

V18345-1011121001 single-acting, fail-safe, with 4-20mA feedback two-wire system, IB benzene safety explosion-proof, connection 1/2-14NPT

V18345-1017121001 Single-acting, Failure Safety, Two-wire System with 4-20mA Feedback, IA Benzene Safety Explosion-proof, Connection 1/2-14NPT

V18345-1027120001 Single-acting, Failure Safety, No Feedback, IA Benzene Safety Explosion-proof, HART Communication, Connection 1/2-14NPT

V18345-1010520001 Dual-acting, Failure Blocking (Triple-break Protection), No Feedback, Connection 1/2-14NPT

V18345-1010421001 Dual-acting, Fault Safety, Two-wire System with 4-20mA Feedback, Connecting 1/2-14NPT

V18345-1010521001 Dual-acting, Fault Blocking (Triple-break Protection), Two-wire System with 4-20mA Feedback, Connecting 1/2-14NPT

V18345-1027420001 Dual Function, Failure Safety, No Feedback, IA Benzene Safety Explosion-proof, HART Communication, Connection 1/2-14NPT

Other models

V18345-1010120001 V18345-1010121001 V18345-1010221001 V18345-1010420001 V18345-1010421001

V18345-1010520001 V18345-1010521001 V18345-1011220001 V18345-1020521001 V18345-1021220001 V18345-1020521001 V18345-1021221001

V18345-1027120001 V18345-1027121001 V18345-1027420001 V18345-2010420001 V18345-2010521001


V18345-1010521001 V18345-1010121001 V18345-1010221001 V18345-1010551001 V18345-1010421001 V18345-1010251001 V18345-2010520001 V18348-1011131011 V18345-1010520001 V18345-2017151001 V18345-3021121001 V18345-1010120001 V18345-1020421001 V18345-1027120001 V18345-3017120001 V18345-1010420001 V18345-102712000Y V18345-2027121001 V18345-1027120001 V18345-1017121001 V18345-1017220001 V18345-1017120001 V18345-102712000M V18345-7020451001 V18311H-112110100


6DR5010-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5111-0NG03-0AA0 6DR5020-0NG00-0AA0 6DR5020-0NN00-0AA0 6DR5210-0EG00-0AA0 6DR5220-0EN01-0AA4 6DR5010-0NN00-0AA0 6DR5210-0EN01-0AA0 6DR5210-0EN00-0AA0 6DR5210-0EM00-0AA0 6DR5220-0EN00-0AA0 6DR5010-0EN00-0AA0 6DR5210-0EM00-0AA0-Z 6DR5020-0EG00-0AA0 6DR5020-0EN00-0AA20 7ML1201-1EE00 7ML1201-1EF00 7MF4433-1EA0 2B6-Z 7ML5007-1AA002A 7ML5221-2DA11-Z

Fisher locator: DVC2000 DVC6200 single-acting without feedback DVC6200 double-acting without feedback DVC6200 single-acting with feedback DVC6200 double-acting with feedback DVC6030 single-acting DVC6020 single-acting DVC6020 double-acting DVC6010 double-acting 3661 3582i valve position transmitter 4210 4211 2625-12 67CFR-600 67CFR-237

Samson locator: 3730-3000100040000.01 3730-31000000040000.01 3730-3100000000000000.01 3730-3100000000000000.03 3730-2100000000000000.03 3730-2100000000000000000.03 3730-310010000000000.01 3730-3100000000000000000000009.03

Yamamoto Locator: AVP102-H AVP100-H AVP300-RSD3A AVP302-RSD3A

Metro Locator: NE724/S1 ND9106HN ND9106HX

Mesonlan Locator: SVI2-21113111 SVI2-22113111 SVI2-21113121 SVI2-21113121 SVI2-22113111 SVI2-22113121

ASCO solenoid valve: NF8327B112 24V WSNF8327B102 24V WSNF8327B112 24V WSNF8327B112 24V NF8327B102 24V NF8327B102 24V NF8327B002 24V SCG551A001MS 220V EF8551G401MO 24V EF8320G100 220V EF8320G186 220V EF8320G174 220V CEFCM8551G321 24V

3 some pictures

Quality Original ABB smart Valve positioner TZID/TZID-C ABBV18345 for sale

Original ABB smart Valve positioner TZID/TZID-C ABBV18345 Images

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